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Monday, October 3, 2011

Orange and Green Things, etc

I've finished reading J. Bradley's book on soccer in Scotland, which may not have convinced me that Scottish people aren't crazy, but which at least was a window into the methods within their madness. What better way to follow such a book than with a 617-page tome on Scotland and Scottish history? This week's new British Isles book on my reading schedule is The Scottish Nation, by T.M. Devine. After reading the first 14 pages, I'm optimistic that this book will be a faster read than the next of my much shorter public administration books for my seminar. I've read a few other histories dealing with Scotland and its earlier history, but not much that covers the more recent 400 years, so especially considering just how much the events of 300 years ago still impact modern Scotland and Ireland, I am looking forward to filling in a few gaps in my history knowledge. Most of my ancestral lines apparently left the British Isles for the Colonies sometime in the early 1600's, so sadly I won't be reading about long-distant relatives any longer, but they all seemed to be from Lanark/Lothian on southward and westward anyway. [But that's a blog post or five in itself. When I get more time to play on ancestry.com again, I'll post some of my more fun stuff here. I have a distant relative named Minnette Parker and another called Jemima West Tannehill, both very cool names. I know very little else about either, though.]

I also brought home a book on culture policy and one on devolution in the UK, which should be entertaining. I'll post something on them later this week. The only other media link for tonight's post is a blog, which annoyingly has no nifty 'follow' button on it. Paul Byrom's blog, Official Paul Byrom Blog, may be a link of interest from time to time. It is always hard to know exactly the true nature of celebrity websites and online personas, but I suspect that at least so far this is in fact a site updated by Paul, not by some ghost-writer or PR person. No PR person in their right mind would post anything as long as some of the posts on his blog. Paul has had phenomenal success so far with his brand new album, This is the Moment, so hopefully his solo career is off to a solid start.