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Monday, September 26, 2011

Ryan's Back!!! (and other news)

First, about Ryan Kelly- It's going to be at the back of my mind now, till I find out what exactly has been going on with Ryan, the charming Irish guy from Celtic Thunder, of course. In any case, he's back with the group, and touring the states as we speak. Sadly, I will not be in the audience when they hit Denver, but I hope to catch them sometime, at least, hopefully before all the initial members leave. I had assumed from what I picked up as a rather poorly informed fan, mainly from comments the other Celtic Thunder guys made, that Ryan had left the group to stay out of the public spotlight because he was maybe engaged or something, which made sense enough. Really it's none of my business, so I settled with that story as true enough for what I needed to know.

But apparently that is not quite the real story. Being engaged would not be described as a horror or terribly traumatic, unless of course things went very, very badly wrong. So I am back to knowing absolutely nothing, except that at least he is back to singing and recording new music. I have had his song "The village that they call 'the Moy'" stuck in my head for days, so when his next album comes out, I will most certainly be watching for it. his debut album has been out a whole year now, and has several great tracks on it, including "The Moy" song. I am still feeling broke and poor, so it may be a while till I have it in my itunes collection, but folks who have jobs and are not paying tuition every term may wish to get their own copy of Ryan Kelly- In Time

Everything I have seen and heard about this guy suggests that he is one of the nicest, most likeable men in the music business, and whatever happened to him this year, I wish him all the best from here on.

Book- Ethnic and Religious Identity in Modern Scotland
I'm not sure yet if it will be of any use towards my thesis except for pointing me to other sources, but this one is turning out to be a fun, interesting read. The author, Joseph M. Bradley, examines the interplay of religion, politics and other cultural dividers in the Scottish soccer scene. The more general theme, that sports are an outlet or venue for public displays of group membership and political interests, invites speculation into the motivation underlying fan loyalty to teams in other sports, and in other places closer to home. I haven't finished it yet, but it's definitely recommended for anyone interested in fan cultures, British Isles history, or identity politics.

I'll hopefully get back to blogging again later this week, as this is a bit short, but it is way past bedtime. I always wonder if people actually read my blogs, and if so, what they think. Feel free to leave comments if you have any. You can also find me on twitter as mehoo80027.