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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"What Happened to Ryan Kelly in June" (updated 11/18/12)

A bit of an aside, for the many folks who wind up here looking for information on Ryan, here's a briefer summary- Yes, he's still alive and currently on tour in the US with Celtic Thunder. Yes, he did have a near fatal accident in June. No, I do not know what he did to himself to wind up in such a condition, beyond that he said recently in an interview for a magazine article that he fell at home and fractured his skull. In a blog post a while back, Ryan told us what his medical condition was, one of those details I am glad I did not know in early June. Basically he had a closed head injury with some internal bleeding in his head, and was in an induced coma for a few weeks while his head healed. He seems committed to being a Celtic Thunder singer for the new show the group have been working on for next year (recorded and should be coming out early next year, according to what Ryan said at the Denver show), so barring any more soap-operatic dramas or near fatal accidents he's back to stay awhile. Yes, there are still some posts on here from the summer, my "tumblr candles" archived posts and an intro post, which are what they say they are.

I have never met Ryan or anyone close to him, and unless I am really lucky in Denver this year I may not meet Ryan ever, or at least for a long time yet. (update: So, yeah, I guess I was really lucky after all, because I did meet him after the Denver show. I still have no special 'insider info' though. I was just another starstruck fan waiting in line to meet a man I've blogged about for all these months.) When I wrote my tumblr candles I was just a fan who cares a lot about Ryan and the other guys and who was watching the social media closely, and I got more involved in the tumblr community through my posts over this brief but stressful crisis. It seems that every day that Celtic Thunder performs, a few new folks wind up here looking for more information about what happened to Ryan, and I guess I'm starting to be ok with having so much traffic on just those old candle posts. I am still not a trusted source on Ryan, and please, if anyone who is catches something I have said that is incorrect, please do let me know. I get almost 200 hits/month just on that first week of my tumblr posts, still, and it makes me just a bit nervous. More people see those posts every week now than ever saw them when they were on tumblr, which is just about opposite my intention when I archived them here. Still, if I managed not to say anything awful or incorrect in all those posts, they do seem fairly well appreciated, and if they occasionally bring in more eyeballs for my other posts, they might make my weekly songlists and concert reviews a little bit more effective at spreading the word about other great music. That is my hope anyway. (That and I'm a bit too vain and had too much fun finding some of those candle pictures to just delete the lot.)

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