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Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Music Video from Keith Harkin- "Nothing But You & I"

I actually found out about this new video from a fellow Thunderhead via facebook this morning, and after poking around all of Keith's social media sites, it would appear that he has yet to announce the existence of this new video. Nonetheless, there is a new, and very pretty music video on youtube now for another of Keith's original love songs, "Nothing But You & I". (I was the 48th person to 'like' this video, so it must have just been posted shortly before I saw it. How many likes can it get before Keith gets around to telling us it exists?)

Check it out, 'like' it, and make sure while you're at it that you have clicked the button above the video to subscribe to Keith's youtube channel. It's a lovely video for one of the prettiest songs on his album, and has lots of very nice shots of Keith it it.

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