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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Celtic Thunder, George Donaldson & Hurricane Sandy

Feeling helpless sucks, and for most of us who live outside the area hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, we are too far removed to know how we could be of any help. And, while we all know that pouring money into groups like the Red Cross will help, for sure, it is always nicer to have a slightly less impersonal option as well. This is where our favorite celebrities come in. So, for all the Celtic Thunder fans and George Donaldson fans, there are some new options for helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The most recent option is one offered by George Donaldson, who is teaming up with the family of one of his heroes.

George announced today that all ticket proceeds from his Connelly show in New York will be donated to the Harry Chapin Foundation. This show will be Monday, December 10, 2012, at Connelly's Irish Bar in New York City (121 W 45th St, (212) 597-5126, Bookings by Phone $30) starting at 7:30pm.

So, if you were trying to decide which of George's shows to see this December, and if you happen to be in or near New York, this is an opportunity to see George's excellent show, while also supporting the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. If you are not in that area but want to chip in to this relief effort anyway, you can also go directly to the foundation's website. I didn't see a link on the foundation website that would link your donations specifically to George's efforts, but there is a link to email their executive director on the foundation website.

The second option Celtic Thunder fans have, and one I am almost certainly taking advantage of, is the special Hurricane Sandy benefit concert that the Celtic Thunder singers are putting on in New York. Celtic Thunder announced last week that they will be performing an exclusive 'unplugged' benefit concert in NYC on Monday December 3rd for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I would love to see these guys performing 'unplugged' anyway, so this in itself is a fantastic bit of news. "Colm, Emmet, Keith, Ryan, Neil & George will perform an acoustic session in a 75 minute concert, at Sullivan Hall, 214 Sullivan Street, New York. The concert will start at 8:30PM and doors will open at 8PM." It sadly is a 21+ show, though without all the kiddos in the audience, who knows what these guys might say. They are very family conscious during their regular shows, but we all know they have another side that comes out on twitter occasionally.

Tickets for the show cost $50 and can be purchased in advance by clicking here. This show will almost certainly sell out soon.

I obviously am not in New York. So how am I still getting in on this show? Well ... "Can't make it to NY? You still have an opportunity to see this unique event. We are offering "Armchair Passes" to our fans for $20. The show will be filmed on the night and you can order a download of the unplugged gig on video. The video of the gig will be available for download on the Celtic Thunder website on Saturday December 8th. To purchase your Armchair Pass click here." I will be watching the show in my living room, with a nice big steaming mug of Barry's Gold tea and some cookies, in the company of my large orange cat. "All of the proceeds from this concert will go to the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City which supports Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. For more information on this fund please visit the Mayor's Fund Website."

Restoring a major urban region to full working order is a huge task after such a natural disaster, and there were already many people in need of help in all the communities affected by this hurricane. So long as resources are being stretched towards helping the people who have been affected specifically by the hurricane, those resources are not available to help the people who were already struggling in our less-than-vibrant economy. If as a society we can come together for long enough to really restore our hurricane effected communities, perhaps we can make some progress towards improving on what was there before the storm as well. For now, I'll continue posting updates as new cool relief projects pop up on my radar.

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