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Sunday, November 25, 2012

George Donaldson (Feb 1, 1968- Mar 12, 2014)

[Last Update: March 13, 2014]

Recent News: George Donaldson died unexpectedly on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 of a massive heart attack. Celtic Thunder has released a message on their website (Click here to read it), and is asking that fans respect the privacy of his family and friends at this time. 

Age/ Marital Status: George Donaldson was born February 1st, 1968, which makes him ancient, a whole 11 years older than myself. He died in Glasgow on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, of a massive heart attack. He was just 46.

Hometown: George was from Glasgow, Scotland. He spent years working in Glasgow making buses, before becoming a full-time musician. Thus, he got to sing songs about 'working men', and about people hanging out at the Red Rose Cafe after a long day's work, while the younger Celtic Thunder lads got to sing about kid stuff. He also sang a lot of songs about fatherhood and married life, as the only member of Celtic Thunder with a wife and a child.

George Donaldson's last album The World in My Mind was officially released Tuesday May 21, 2013. It is currently available online in mp3 format from his website and elsewhere online (link for this album on CD Baby)

If George Donaldson was single, this man would attract the ladies by the thousands, who'd be obsessively in love with him for his voice, his cute Scottish accent, and his magnetic personality. Even as a married man with a daughter, George got plenty of attention as one of the principal singers of Celtic Thunder. He was the sort of entertainer who can get the entire audience singing along at full voice, no matter how quiet they might have been for the rest of the show. While singing with Celtic Thunder, George sang ballads, classic folk songs, and a few cute pop covers, and his rich lower baritone voice filled in the lower parts of the group's 5 and 6 part harmonies. He sang in several quartet arrangements as well with Celtic Thunder lately, in which he held the lowest voice-part. Between Celtic Thunder tours, George squeezed in mini-tours of his own along the East Coast, and this past December (2012) he completed one of these mini-tours, his Raised on Songs and Stories Tour. He also had several local Scottish venues where he has been performing for years when not on tour.

Useful Websites: George Donaldson's website, his facebook page, the Celtic Thunder page on George 

Solo Albums: The White Rose (2011), The World in My Mind (2013)
Other Albums: Celtic Thunder: Celtic Thunder The Show (2008), Act II (2008), Take Me Home (2009), It's Entertainment! (2010), Celtic Thunder Christmas (2010), Storm (2011), Heritage (2011), Voyage (2012), Voyage II (2012), Mythology (2013)


  1. George vous me manquerai toujours ,votre belle voix touchante,votre sourire ,bonne humeur ,surtout votre talent extraordinaire .Merci pour la joie que vous m'avez donnée en écoutant vos chansons et Celtic Thunder .Au ciel je suis certaine que vous veillerai sur votre famille .Merci .Pierrette Santerre .

  2. He will be so missed.