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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Fantasy 2014 Celtic Thunder Show

The game is to put together a show, 40 songs or fewer, to make up two generously lengthy discs, or 2 regular-length discs plus a few extras for live shows. None of the songs can be already in the Celtic Thunder repertoire, OR on any of the solo/outside project albums connected with Celtic Thunder. And, while we would love it if we could have the lads manufacture new original music on demand, for this game filling slots with "Keith's original as-yet-unwritten song" doesn't count. Be sure to assign each song to which ever soloists or to the entire ensemble if all 6 lads will be singing together in it. It IS ok if the song may need serious tweaking by David Munroe to work as assigned, so long as you can hear it in your mind's ear and it sounds cool.

Disc 1
Song #1 Curragh of Kildare, whole ensemble;
Song #2 An Chrithionn Cruaidh, George, Colm and Keith;
Song #3 I Know My Love, Neil;
Song #4 River and the Rain, George & Ryan;
Song #5 Seacht ndolas na Maighdine Muire, Emmet plus George, Neil & Colm on harmonies;
Song #6 A Poem on the Underground Wall, Colm & Ryan;
Song #7 Belfast Street Songs, ensemble;
Song #8 The Weaver & the Factory Maid, Colm;
Song #9 I Don't Know You, Keith;
Song #10 Irish Rain, Ryan;
Song #11 All Around the Loney-O, George;
Song #12 The Lower Road, Ryan & Keith,
Song #13 Lullaby(Ma Chaora Bhan), CT Band;
Song #14 Every Story, Emmet;
Song #15 Cuach Mo Londubh Bui, ensemble;
Song #16 The Entertainer, Neil;
Song #17 A Man's a Man for A' That, George;
Song #18 The Atheist Christmas Carol, Ryan;
Song #19 I Know Where I'm Going, Keith & ensemble;
Song #20 Finnegan's Wake, ensemble

Disc 2
Song #21 One Voice, ensemble
Song #22 One Misty Moisty Morning, ensemble
Song #23 Us Folk, Neil
Song #24 For Always, Colm & Emmet
Song #25 The Hills of Ardmorn, George
Song #26 Joyride, Neil
Song #27 Muddy Waters, Keith
Song #28 Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Ryan & ensemble
Song #29 Long Time Ago (Copland), Emmet (sped up as more of a folk song)
Song #30 The Night is Young and You're So Beautiful, Colm, Ensemble
Song #31 Timshel, ensemble
Song #32 Just a Simple Melody, George, Emmet, Colm & Neil
Song #33 To Make You Feel My Love, Ryan
Song #34 Pretty Saro, Keith
Song #35 Fields of Athenry, George w/Colm & Ryan on harmony
Song #36 Try to Remember, Neil
Song #37 More Than Words, Ryan
Song #38 Back for Good, Keith & Colm
Song #39 We Can Be Kind, Ensemble
Song #40 We'll Meet Again, George & Ensemble

And here's a playlist of the whole show, minus the lads and David Munroe's magic.

Would any of my songs make the cut if you were the music director?  What is YOUR 2014 Fantasy Celtic Thunder Show?


  1. I agree with Jane H. great list of songs. Can't decide there are all great.

  2. Great list! Crazy little thing Called love would be perfect for Ryan, I can practically hear it in my head already!

  3. This is amazing!!!! Sure hope Sharon and Dave see it. I agree...I can hear Ryan singing Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

  4. ok for what it's worth here's my list,


    Celtic Thunder 2014
    Disc 1

    Song 1 # Give me that old time rock and roll, ensemble.
    Song 2 # It never rains in California, Keith, Emmet and Colm
    Song 3 # Have you ever really loved a woman, Ryan
    Song 4 # Green, green grass of home, George
    Song 5 # Corina Corina, Neil
    Song 6 # Afternoon delight, Keith
    Song 7 # All through the night, ensemble
    Song 8 # Eighteen yellow roses, Colm
    Song 9 # Mack the knife, Emmet
    Song 10 # Ghost riders in the sky, Keith and Colm
    Song 11 # Midnight train to Georgia, George
    Song 12 # Who wrote the book of love, Ryan
    Sons 13 # Rum and coca cola, Keith
    Song 14 # Take me home country roads, Neil
    Song 15 # River of dreams, ensemble
    Song 16 # Are you lonesome tonight, Colm
    Song 17 # Living on a prayer, Emmet
    Song 18 # Candles in the wind, ensemble
    Song 19 # Tennessee waltz, Neil and Ryan
    Song 20 # Lullaby of Broadway, ensemble

    Disk 2

    Song 21 # Dirty old town, ensemble
    Song 22 # Unchained melody, Ryan
    Song 23 # When a man loves a woman, Emmet
    Song 24 # Cara Mia, Keith
    Song 25 # Earth angle, George, Ryan and Neil
    Song 26 # Dream lover, Neil
    Song 27 # Hang on sloopy, Keith and Colm
    Song 28 # Sitting on the dock of the bay, George
    Song 29 # Video killed the radio, Colm
    Song 30 # Northern lights of old Aberdeen, ensemble
    Song 31 # Annie’s song, Keith
    Song 32 # American pie, George
    Song 33 # Taliesin’s Prophecy, ensemble
    Song 34 # To nights the night, Neil
    Song 35 # Streets of Philadelphia, Emmet and George
    Song 36 # Livin La vida loca, Ryan
    Song 37 # Cover of the rolling stone, ensemble
    Song 38 # Peggy Sue, Emmet
    Song 39 # You are my special angel, Colm
    Song 40 # Rock around the clock, ensemble

    1. Some really great songs here! American Pie almost made my list as well- I love singing along to that one, & George would do a fantastic job on it & All Through The Night is also one I have always wished to hear from CT. :)

  5. I Know My Love would be so perfect for Neil to sing. The only version of that I've heard is with The Corrs & Chieftains.

    1. I think I've heard it done by Malachi Cush (an Irish singer roughly Ryan's age, from the same region of Ireland) and by Emily Smith, both lovely versions. You're right, Neil would be great for that song, and it's definitely one of my favorite folk songs. Maybe if he sings it I'll actually manage to memorize all the verses by singing along a thousand times or so. I always get through the first verse and chorus and then get all muddled, when I try to sing it on my own. :)