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Friday, June 28, 2013

Where Do We Go Now

Blog Update
For Celtic Thunder fans who have been tolerating all the local Fort Collins music news without being really into it, this will be a welcome change. For my local Colorado readers who like the local music stuff but are not Thunderheads, this will probably also be a welcome change. I now have 2 ravenmount blog sites, so ravenmount.com will be the general music blog and this one will be the Celtic music blog. There is a new Celtic band playing next week at Avogadro's Number, too, so this won't be just a Thunderheads' page, as lovely as the Celtic Thunder lads are. The Celtic music scene in Fort Collins is a bit sparse and disconnected at the moment, but seeing as they sell bodhrans at the drum store downtown, I'd be willing to bet there is more Celtic music around than turns up at Avo's and Old Town.

For everyone who rather liked this blog as it was, it still exists, just at ravenmount.com instead of ravenmount.blogspot.com . The new site is running on a different blogging interface, so my posts may shift a bit in appearance towards shorter less verbose posts (probably a very good thing) and more frequent short posts, and this old site will continue to have new content every week, but within the realm of Celtic music and related topics. (& yes, the title to this post is from the end section of "Sweet Child O'Mine" by Guns N' Roses.)

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