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Monday, September 9, 2013

Guess Who Turns 21 Today ... (Happy Birthday, Damian McGinty!)

Damian McGinty, the former kid Celtic Thunder singer and current co-owner of Derry, Northern Ireland music label Walled City Records turns 21 today. He already had a proper birthday party to commemorate the occasion over the weekend, and since his birthday comes just after Paul Byrom's wedding, I'm sure Damian had appropriate 'supervision and guidance' leading into this most important birthday. Being from the US, I don't quite know all the age restrictions that apply in Northern Ireland, but since Damian spends a lot of his time in the US now, as an important young music executive as well as a performer and TV actor, he will appreciate being able to legally enjoy all the fine liquors, ales and microbrews he has of course never tried yet while residing in the US. Since Damian does not have any particularly recent music videos or new studio releases of his own (he does perform live plenty, and spends a lot of time working with the artists and albums his label represents) here is the playlist of YouTube videos on the official Damian McGinty YouTube profile.

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