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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Michael Londra- "Follow Me Up to Carlow" (CC Video of the Day)

The drums in the intro to this song are gorgeous, and I would not have guessed this was Michael Londra ( I must have heard all the wrong songs from him last time I checked out his music, cause I had thought his style was just slow, boring stuff my grandma would love). This rendition of one of my favorite Irish songs reminds me of the High Kings' music. If you love this song but the Young Dubliners are a bit too rock&roll for your tastes, this is probably going to be a new favorite. I'm gonna have to check out more of Michael Londra's stuff now, to see what else I'm missing!

While I am still rounding up Celtic music and musicians in the Fort Collins area for this blog, a task which is starting to show some signs of promise, at least, I'd hate for this blog to turn into just a Thunderhead fan blog. There are already excellent fan blogs online for Celtic Thunder fans, and as most fans are not so interested in the marketing, PR and other business/industry aspects of the Celtic Thunder adventure, most Thunderheads will probably find a lot more to love on the more fan-blog oriented sites anyway. I'll post links to some of the best Thunderhead fan blogs as I come across them again, and yes, I'll still be posting about Celtic Thunder too, but this was meant to be a different sort of blog, a broader focus that puts Celtic Thunder into more of a productive context. Now that I run two pages, this one focused on Celtic music (whatever that means- it is a problematic term on so many levels) and my main blog ravenmount.com which takes in pretty much the full range of recorded music eras and styles, both blogs can be put to use contextualizing Celtic Thunder and other under-appreciated (in other words 'not universally adored') artists and bands.

As with my main blog, I only post music or write about musicians I like, so if I post something about artists you like on this blog, there's a decent chance that you might also like the other artists I post about on here, too. If you are looking for new music to check out, it is my hope that this and my other site serve as a resource for music fans to discover new music or rediscover music and artists from years past. These Video of the Day posts are a nice easy way to inject a bit of variety into this blog, but never fear, there will be more album reviews and concert reviews, and artist profile posts, and probably interviews and other more interesting posts as this blog develops. The Celtic music scene where I am living is fragmented and nearly invisible right now, to the extent that artists in this folk subgenre have a hard time finding venues to play in here, but there are lots of fans of traditional Celtic music in this town and in Northern Colorado more generally. As I find the musicians who play traditional Celtic music here, I'll be drawing this blog's focus towards them and their music, but in the meantime this page will get by on all the other great musicians loosely categorized as 'Celtic'. I'll also be including artists in other genres who are from Ireland, Scotland, Wales or England, as these artists represent what contemporary Celtic music sounds like.

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  1. Jamie, a lot of Micheal's songs are the slow (I will not say boring) songs that your adopted Gram loves, but you'll find more of this style.

    Enjoying the blog!