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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Róisín O - Synchronicity (CC Video of the Day)

Róisín O- (facebook, Official Webpage, Official Webpage (Online store), youtube, twitter)
I've been following this lady on twitter for a while now, without ever really finding time to properly check out her music, but I finally looked her up on youtube, and yep, she's pretty cool. (Yes, there are a lot of musicians I know about and have yet to really investigate properly. So much great music, so little time!) She is a pop artist, not a traditional folk artist, but since she's Irish, from Dublin, her music is still encompassed within the current reimagined scope of this site. And, as I said, she's pretty cool, and makes great music that you might enjoy if you like Darrell Coyle's music. Here are two of Róisín O's videos off youtube- "Synchronicity" (the most recent of her singles available on youtube; a newer one just came out, apparently, but is not yet available on youtube) and "Tea Song," which as you might have guessed, is about tea. Click here to check out her most recent brand new video for the song "Hold On" on a very cool music blog called Direct Current.

This one almost has a country-sound to it, especially once the second voice (the guy) comes in, though American country music doesn't usually focus on tea. It also has a particularly neat music video concept, featuring clips of 'teaspora', the Irish diaspora (Irish people who still consider themselves Irish, but live elsewhere.

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