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Saturday, October 12, 2013

What Thunderheads Listen To

To outsiders the Thunderheads may seem like narrow-minded obsessives who only ever listen to Celtic Thunder and its component artists. I am quite sure there are Thunderheads for which this is very true, but many of us have a much wider taste in music, and enough of a love of great music in general to know the original versions of songs Celtic Thunder covers, at the very least. One of the best ways to introduce new people to the Thunderhead community, too, is presenting Celtic Thunder music in contexts outside or intersecting with the fandom. One way I have sought to do this, for Celtic Thunder as well as for the many local and emerging artists I know of, is weekly songlists, 20 songs each week arranged on spotify playlists available on spotify to the general public. Even for those without spotify, these lists can be a fun way to discover music new to you or remind yourself of great songs you haven't heard in ages.

Click here to check out these playlists, many with Celtic Thunder music seeded within them. This is an ongoing project, so a new list was just posted today, and a new one will be posted and available at the above link in a week from today.