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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

CT in Loveland, Concert Review

I posted a 2-part concert review on tonight's Celtic Thunder show in Loveland, on my main blog. I'll probably post a bit more in the next few week following this show on Ravenmount Celtic Corner, but for now it is nearly 3:30am and I am going to bed, finally.

Part 1 – Observations from a friend new to Celtic Thunder

"... We were 9 rows above the sound & lights consoles, almost exactly even with center-stage. We were still too far away to see Colm blush, which sadly may have happened without my seeing it tonight, but since we were in the front of our section and on a slope, it was easy to forget there were other people in the seats around me and just get sucked in to the performances. I doubt that anyone on stage could see me, but it felt like they were singing just for me sometimes. ..."

Part 2: My Own Reactions

"... This year Celtic Thunder was in fine form, despite whatever audio issues were making it harder to stay in tune and in time with each other. Emmet Cahill needs to practice singing American rock & roll, but while his parts in “The Boys Are Back in Town” sounded a bit like garbled tongue-twisters at times, Emmet’s voice was lovely (enough to win him a new fan anyway) and he seemed to be handling the high-altitude well. I think Colm was a bit short of breath in his song “Katie”, but otherwise it seemed that the whole group was better prepared this time to sing at ~5000+ feet above sea-level. ..."

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