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Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter Cheer from Ryan Kelly (& musings on Social Toaster)

While the Social Toaster promo wound up being more of a time-waster and an irritant, rather than a useful communications tool, it did serve some purpose, by keeping more Thunderheads online and talking to each other daily. Had Celtic Thunder developed a better plan with respect to having enough regular shareable content, plans for ongoing rewards and recognition for the super-fans at the top of the rankings, etc., it could have been a great tool to keep us all connected better. Still, we have the vestiges of the Social Toaster experiment in the form of all the extra interconnectedness Thunderheads still maintain on facebook. We didn't all feel inclined to unfriend each other once the promo ended, so we are still a bit better networked than before.

Well, through those connections I occasionally come across Celtic Thunder related links despite my attention being mostly elsewhere these days (I realized only today that 'my' Celtic Thunder concert is tomorrow, if that is any indication fo how distracted I've been from CT). Here is a link to a streamable version of Baby It's Cold Outside, recorded by Ryan Kelly and Natalie Toro, off Natalie's album Just in Time for Christmas, which was released last year.

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