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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weekly Playlist Special Edition: George

I would have been putting a new weekly playlist together today, 20 songs with no songs from past playlists and only one song per band, same as always. I have been without home-internet for weeks, so this would have been the first in a while that I could do at home. However, after today's news, I put together a 15 song special playlist instead, all Celtic Thunder songs, including many I have used in past playlists. George Donaldson's albums are not on spotify, nor for some reason is the Celtic Thunder album It's Entertainment!. So, my home playlist today includes a few songs that I couldn't include on my spotify playlist, but these 15 are at the core of today's playlist remembering George Donaldson. And since this playlist will appeal more to Thunderheads than to my general music blog readership, it gets a post on both sites this week. Consider this a big musical hug from a Thunderhead music blogger still waiting for the news about George to sink in, or waiting to wake up and tell my sister about this odd and implausible dream I was having where the first news I saw when the Internet came back on was that George was dead...

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