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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Emmet is Moving On

Celtic Thunder fans around the world are still adjusting after it was just recently announced that Emmet Cahill, one of the younger members of Celtic Thunder, is leaving the group. Fans are wildly speculating as to why this sudden departure has occurred. Emmet has been in Celtic Thunder for 3 years, so he may of course be simply moving on to something more exciting, but since the Australia/New Zealand tour this year is a part of the Mythology show touring schedule, it seems interesting that Emmet would not be staying with the group through the end of the Mythology tour. Still, with the group focusing their energies on Mythology and Christmas shows this year, the group seems to be wrapping things up in 2014, leaving themselves a nice window to shuffle members, and maybe even decide the future (or lack thereof) of Celtic Thunder before investing time and energy in yet another new Celtic Thunder show.

Whatever the future holds for Celtic Thunder as a group, Emmet Cahill has a lovely voice and a great personality, and I am sure he can create whatever new opportunities he needs for his career as a solo musician. Who knows- maybe by next year Colm Keegan will be free from Celtic Thunder as well and we'll see Celtic Comet take off as a viable, chart-topping, world-touring duo. It will be interesting to see what 2014 has in store for Emmet, and for the other former Celtic Thunder singers- Paul Byrom, Daniel Furlong, and Damian McGinty.